We are a Romanian software company that specializes in providing Bots, software applications, outstanding and professional solutions to our partners. We are highly experienced in developing Bots, as we have developed many in the past, each one providing an unique solution to our customers requests.
We have developed:
 - Roulette Bots;
 - Horse Racing Bots;
 - Grey Hound Racing Bots;
 - Soccer Betting Bots
We can develop Bots that can automate any application or program, not just betting applications.
We strongly belief that the true IT solutions are those which resolve problems, regardless the user’s level of qualification.

3rd Sirenelor St., Bucharest, 050856 Romania

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Marketing Department

Here are some Bots that we have developed in the past:
We were looking for a very specific task. We supplied the detail BotDevelopment.com supplied the solution, within the agreed time cost & spe...
David Byrne

The design team at BotDevelopment are exceptional. They shared my vision, grasped my concepts and developed some awesome software for me. Th...
John Coburn

Thanks for the professional job. I am very happy with what they had achieved....

01. What is the application for which you want to develop the bot?
02. What is the operating system that is supposed to run on?
03. Which are the interactions that you want to automate?
04. Please describe step by step what do you want to do with the application and what do you espect from the BOT

A new betting system
BotDevelopment has developed a Bot that bets on greyhound races....
A new betting system implemented for the automate betting program on the site betfair.com.
A new betting system implemented for the automate betting program on betfair. We have inserted a new alternative betting system in the autom...
Completion of the work on the automated betting application on the site betfair.com.
BotDevelopment has recently completed successfully a project that consisted in developing an automate betting application on the site betfai...